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Why Owning A Car In Toronto Is Stupid

Why Owning A Car In Toronto Is Stupid

Owning a car in Toronto seems like a luxury to most people, since most of us are struggling to even make rent every month. But even though having a car has its pros in the city, like not having to lug your groceries across town, or having to put up with the TTC, it most definitely has its cons, and the cons may just outweigh the pros.

1. Never understanding if bikers really have rules and almost hitting at least a dozen a day.

What do the hand signals even mean? I don't remember learning this in driving school. Where did that biker just come from? Why isn't their more biking lanes? It's bad enough trying to figure out what the hell other drivers are doing in Toronto, but bikers are a whole different ballgame.

2. So what do you do if you can't find a parking spot?

The limited parking in Toronto makes it tough to find a parking spot, but throw in a Blue Jays game, or events like the Ex, now where are you supposed to park? You're either stuck miles away, which makes you realize you should've just taken public transit, or you're parked illegally crossing your fingers the parking sheriffs won't get you (but they always do).

Photo cred - Michael Day

3. Having to stop when streetcars stop.

What's worse than riding the TTC in Toronto? Driving and having to stop with the streetcar in Toronto. I know you have to watch out for pedestrians and all, but come on, for once can drivers have the right away?

4. I think you just turn here... dammit another one-way street!

There’s nothing worse than trying to navigate through the chaos of Toronto traffic, and determining a route that works perfect for getting to your destination only to be stopped by a one-way street. Seriously, how many one-way streets and road restrictions does one city need?

5. Wondering if your car will make it through all the potholes and craters in the street.

In 2014, 7 of 10 roads that fell on CAA's Worst Roads in Ontario were in Toronto. Surprising? Dufferin Street alone has made the list for 3 years in a row and will probably top the charts again for 2015. Streets seem to be closed down constantly for repairs, yet when they reopen they seem to be worse than before.

6. What is the etiquette for the people who clean your windows at a stop light without asking?

We have all been stopped at a stoplight when someone appears out of nowhere like a ninja with a squeegee and starts cleaning your windows. Even those that aren't socially awkward find this uncomfortable. What if you don't have money to give? What if you didn't want your windows cleaned? What if the light turns green before they're finished cleaning them?

7. I'm out of gas and there is zero gas stations anywhere in sight.

Toronto may have a lot of gas stations but it sure doesn't feel like it when your tank hits empty and it's going to take you 8 years in Toronto traffic to get to the the next one. It is almost necessary to carry an extra tank of gas in your trunk just in case this happens to you, which it will.

Photo cred - Sean Ganann

8. When you hear sirens coming your way but there's legitimately nowhere to move.

What honestly is supposed to be done when there are emergency vehicles that need you to move out of the way but you're boxed in by traffic?

9. Road closures and construction.

Spring has sprung and that only means one thing for a Toronto driver, road closures and construction. Don't get your hopes up when you see the estimated completion date, because it will probably take months or years (or in the case of the Union Station construction, an eternity) before it is actually completed.

10. Everyone thinking that they drive better than everyone else.

When it comes to driving everyone claims they are a good driver, yet very few actually are. Most people will get annoyed at just about everyone else on the road, without realizing that THEY are the problem. If you want to have a way to let out your aggression and anger, start driving in Toronto.

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