Why People Should Back The Fvck Off Kim Kardashian

Don't be f*cking RUDE.
Why People Should Back The Fvck Off Kim Kardashian





Four powerhouse brands, that are internationally recognized from their logos to their products and image. One of these four brands however, is perpetually shit on time and time again in the media & I’ve had just about enough of it.

Hello, yes, if you haven’t caught on just yet, I’m talking about Kardashian. (Though McDonalds has been getting ‘nough heat over this clown epidemic.) In particular, the lovely second eldest to Kris & Robert Kardashian, miss Kimberly herself.

60-Minutes has since released an interview with Kim, pre her traumatic Paris heist, in which a reporter asks, “What her talent is?” Now, if I was Kim Kardashian, being asked this rude af question for the billionth time, I would probably resist the urge to scream in his face. But gracefully, Kardashian explains that, “building and maintaining a brand isn’t something that just anyone can do,” - to which I shouted, “PREACH,” directly at my Macbook monitor.

What people fail to understand is yes, Kim Kardashian acquired 5-minutes of fame off of a sex tape. A sex tape that was released without her consent. (Note: illegal, scummy, fucking AWFUL.) Kardashian managed to channel that negative attention into a positive direction, booking sponsorship, modelling and acting roles. From there, signing a contract for Keeping Up with E!, attracting an audience and building it for the next ten years and spinning the brand into every marketable direction possible. Kim Kardashian is not a person - she is an enterprise, built from her image and personality alone.

Kardashian, a woman who is often criticized for her excess amount of selfies, sexuality and general happiness via social media is now getting cries from fans and foes alike to return to her platforms - all of which have been radio silent since she was tied, gagged, robbed and threatened on October 3rd. Though she has since stepped out and been spotted at one of Kanye's shows - keeping a very un-Kim, but understandable, low-profile. 

Ever since the robbery, our main chick has been getting intense backlash from the public - aka the TRASH that was the Kim K Heist Halloween Costume - as well as celebrity fake-ass-friends (@KarlLagerfeld) for “flaunting her wealth”, as if a picture of a big diamond ring pulled the burglars to her hotel room like magnets.

So yeah, I’m pretty goddamn annoyed that a woman who has built an unheard of 100 million dollar enterprise, is: a) emotionally shaken, b) getting bullied by the public and media, and c) willing to walk away from her success because a couple psychos have literally traumatized her.

Could we all take a minute to back the fuck up? To understand that a regular woman went through an extremely life-threatening, psychologically damaging encounter? And that instead of bothering her and sending negative energy into cyber space, you can just step off your keyboard and live your damn life??

I'm happy to report that despite the craziness of recent events, Kimmy is back at it and filming our beloved Keeping Up. But even if she decided to step away from filming and fame, it would be her choice to make. As a person, not just a celebrity. So let's do everyone a favour and LEAVE. KIM. ALONE.

& if you dare say the girl doesn’t have talent? I hate to interrupt you - I’m going to let you finish, but Kim Kardashian has one of the best brands of ALL time.

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