Why The Pan Am Games Are Actually An Amazing Opportunity For Toronto

Stop your complaining and be proud of your city.

There's been a lot of negativity and backlash surrounding the Pan Am Games by Torontonians. If we're being honest, a lot of us have said some pretty negative things – about the 3+ person HOV lanes, about the amount of taxpayers' money spent, about the games themselves. Which is absolutely terrible, because it's reflecting on us as a city. Shame on us.

We're supposed to be "polite", right? According to our stereotypes, anyway. But never mind what we're supposed to be. As human beings, we should respect each other. We shouldn't lash out our ignorance and negativity for whatever reason. The world is watching us, and we should be setting a better example of ourselves. We're good people, not crappy people.

Think about it – it took four years for Toronto to prepare for these games. A lot of time, money, and effort went into this. It's not just all about the money, either. Think about all the work the people behind the games put into making it as amazing as possible for us and the world. How would you feel if you worked extremely hard on something, only to have everyone hate on and put down your work? Pretty shitty, right?

What about all the blood, sweat, and tears the athletes of all 41 countries put into training for these games? This is someone's dream come true. They train all their lives to be able to do this every four years. This is their career. This is their life. Why are we putting this massive event down? Because of the temporary HOV lanes that make you a little bit later to work? Stop the petty whining.

We should all be honoured to be able to host the games in Toronto. It's definitely something to be proud of. We certainly are proud. So, no more whining or complaining or saying negative things about the games. Spread a little positivity and show a little pride, friends!

On another note, did you catch the opening ceremonies? That torch bearing segment though. Holy crap dude, the opening ceremonies made us love Toronto so much more. To those who made it all happen, thank you for putting on such an inspiring, wonderful opening ceremony. Go Team Canada!