Why Toronto Is The Most Multicultural City In The World

Nobody does it like T.O
Why Toronto Is The Most Multicultural City In The World

Multiculturalism is part of Toronto's brand as a city. Genuniely embracing diversity, Toronto is home to many different ethnicities and cultures, truly shaping who we are as a collective. If you're from Toronto or if you have visited the city, you know that there's an array of different areas and places that embody various  cultures and people.

We have the priviledge to learn and get an inside scoop into people's traditions, languages and overall lucky enough to appreciate the differences in others. To be Torontonian is to be accepting and proud of who you are, with the willingness to share it with others.

Each Toronto neighbourhood embodies a distinct culture.

The wonderful thing about Toronto is that you can literally experience so many cultures in a day. We have Little Italy, Greektown, Koreatown, Chinatown, Little Portugal and Little India - each embracing an authentic lifestyle and cuisine.

Over 180 languages and dialects are spoken here.

Toronto being home to so many different types of people, it's pretty dope to know that our city is a mosaic of different languages, which truly paints our city in a unique way. According to a 2006 consensus, about 47% practiced their mother tounge - imagine how these numbers have grown.

We are home to over 200 ethnic origins.

Toronto is a melting pot that contains every piece of the world. This alone influences how the people in our city live and are represented.

Toronto is one of the most multi-cultural destinations in North America.

Travel North America and see for yourself - nobody does it like T.O.

Half of Toronto's population was born outside of Canada.

According to a 1996 census, 1,237, 720 people were born outside of Canada. This means that as generations are progressing, the potential to mix with other races is extremely likely. We are a city of beautiful, mixed babies - sharing and integrating culturally.

T.O is the largest retail market in Canada.

This means that Toronto's retail stores and resturants have access to products from all over the world. You are likely to find an authentic restuarant for your country somewhere in the city.

We are home to some of the best cultural festivals!

Taste of Toronto, Toronto Caribbean Festival, Salsa In Toronto, Taste of the Danforth, need I say more?

We rank in the Top 10 most appealing cities to live and work.

Our success wouldn't be where it is today without the various types of people and experiences from all over world. The city truly benefits from this advanatage in a positive way. Toronto possesses a reputation that makes the city a top choice for new immigrants to live and work, in comparison to the rest of Canada.

Here in Toronto, we encourage acceptance and diversity. We don't want people just to come here and claim themselves Canadian, but we want them to embrace their cultural differences as well - because that's what's truly Canadian and especially Torontonian.

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