Toronto is a wonderful city. It's got a huge mix of people, an incredible food scene, and a skyline that can't be beat. But if you've never lived anywhere else, I highly suggest you move.

But why leave the Six if it's so great? Because a change in perspective and stepping out of your comfort zone is sometimes the only way to truly discover who you are. And yes it sounds cheesy, but it's also very true. Leaving the familiarity of your city will challenge and test you in ways you've never experienced, and it is these challenges which ultimately shape your personality. For example, before I moved to Singapore on a half year exchange, I was a totally different person. I lacked confidence, I had problems being in social situations and honestly, I pretty much needed my parents for everything.  Being thrown into an unfamiliar and strange place where no one knew who I was the kick in the pants I needed to do things that otherwise scared me. If I needed directions to get to downtown, I couldn't rely on someone else to ask for me; I had to ask. Over the 6 months, I became more self-reliant, responsible, and honestly, just over all better.

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So other than learning basic life skills and possibly learning a little bit more about yourself, why else should you consider living somewhere other than Toronto for awhile? Well, for one, living in another culture will make you a more worldly and tolerant person. It's one thing to be a tourist somewhere, quickly picking up on just subtle hints of a culture, and then there's fully immersing yourself in it for months or years at a time. Even if you just move to Vancouver, their way of life is no doubt different than ours.

Moving away from Toronto will also make it that much more special when you come back. Even if you adored wherever you moved away to, you will see Toronto through new eyes and with a fresh perspective, which will ultimately makes it exciting all over again. Not to mention, distance makes the heart grow fonder right? You'll miss the amount of all-you-can-eat sushi spots we have to offer, you'll miss the constant Drake songs on the radio, and you might even miss the TTC, who knows! Either way, moving somewhere else for awhile, whether for school, work, or just for fun, is something everyone should do at least once.

So what are you waiting for? Buy the ticket!

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