For some of us, midterms have only finished and finals are already around the corner. When pursuing your degree, it's inevitable to feel the intense pressure. Juggling a decent social life, getting enough sleep, spending time with your family, having a part-time job and taking care of yourself all start becoming a strain on your mental health. On one side of the spectrum, your drive is to continue pushing; however, on the other, sometimes you just want to give up.

At the moment, you might not think that's okay. You begin to feel like a failure, as if you're not doing enough. You can't even watch Netflix for an hour without feeling somewhat guilty, thinking to yourself that you should stop being lazy and how you should continue working on that paper. Mind you, you're probably feeling like this after you've done tons of homework already - so at this point you're more than exhausted.

But let's face it, you are doing enough. You aren't a super human, even though you might want to be. As a student myself, I never want to stop. I'm constantly on the go, getting work done while trying to balance out the rest of my life. But, being hard on yourself and maintaining a high GPA can go one of two ways:

You do amazing but you're still stressed.

You do sh*t and you're still stressed x151711919.

My point is, the desire to put forward only the best of yourself is a great thing, but it's also important not to let that same mentality taint your pathway to success. Be the best version of yourself and be satisfied with that. You attract what you put out into the universe, there is no need to dwell on the negative. A healthy mind is a major key if you wish to attain success anyways. Of course, this will take practise.

Your mental health is vital and it is the foundation to how ANYTHING in your life will pan out. Whatever is meant to work out, will and as cliche as it may sound - it's true. I understand how it feels to put your heart, soul and mind into something that is meant to benefit you, but if that process is doing more harm then good, you need to step back, reevaluate and initiate change. Being healthy and happy will attract the positive vibes you need in order to succeed.

Yes, your degree is important but the process of attaining your degree shouldn't diminish your importance. You and your health are important too.

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