Last week, an Ontario man named Don Cumming captured an unusual and mildly terrifying sight on camera and posted it on Twitter. A Canada Post worker was going about his route when, out of nowhere, a wild turkey emerged from the shadows and began chasing him. Cumming posted a series of photos of the sighting along with a quote from the postal worker, who claims that the turkey chases him "every day". "Didn't have a chance to get his name as he sprinted away with the bird in hot pursuit," Cumming writes.

The wild turkey sighting was in Mississauga's Lorne Park neighbourhood, an area that's grown used to occasional run-ins with the massive birds. The City of Mississauga even responded to Cumming's tweet confirming the reported sightings.

"Birds may find their way into residential areas looking for food. These birds are good flyers and will find their way back to their natural area," they wrote. "Residents should NOT fed the birds as it may put the bird or themselves in danger. We have reported this to Animal Services and they are aware and monitoring the situation."

Cumming updated the post on Tuesday morning, confirming the sad news that the turkey has died. "As many people know by now, since these pictures appeared, the bird has met a sad, but maybe inevitable, end--hit and killed by an unknown vehicle," he wrote.

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@citymississauga, Wed. Mar. 6. Lorne Park. Wild turkey vs. postal worker. "He chases me every day," said the postie with a grin. Didn't have a chance to get his name as he sprinted away with the bird in hot pursuit. @cupw @canadapostcorp @CWF_FCF

March 6, 2019

A local turkey also made headlines around Thanksgiving when it was spotted hanging around a Lorne Park bus shelter - which gained a lot of media attention, thanks to the turkey's impeccable timing.

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Focus on the road, no matter what the distraction is! This wild turkey caused issues with traffic on a #Mississauga street this morning. #PRP assisted Animal Services escort this nervous turkey back to green space. #ThanksgivingWeekend #WhyDidTheTurkeyCrossTheRoad

October 6, 2018

Mississauga animal control typically doesn't intervene unless the turkeys are stopping traffic or causing some other kind of interference. Which they often do - without meaning to, of course. They prefer to keep to themselves. Regardless of the commotion they may stir up, locals are always delighted (albeit, a little scared) to see them roam.

@RasWard2 Can anything be done to relocate this wild turkey that has taken up residence for months in the vicinity of Lakeshore Blvd? Cars nearly ran over this beautiful creature. I've heard from residents that they see it ALL the time #Mississauga #Clarkson #lornepark

October 26, 2018

@680NEWS wild turkey roaming Lakeshore Rd W. and Silver Birch Mississauga, be careful!

January 10, 2019


May 13, 2018

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