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Kawhi Leonard Was Seen At A Toronto Home Depot Reportedly Buying Moving Boxes (PHOTOS)

Fans have not stopped wondering and discussing whether Kawhi Leonard will stay in Toronto with the Raptors, especially since the Canadian team took home the NBA championship for the first time ever. Kawhi's been spotted in different areas in Ontario recently, and each new sighting has sparked more speculation from fans.

Most recently, Kawhi was reportedly seen at a Toronto Home Depot buying moving boxes. Unsurprisingly, this has sent fans into a frenzy as they wonder whether this is an indication that he's re-signing with the Raptors

Several pictures of Kawhi at a Home Depot in Toronto's Yorkdale shopping centre have surfaced on Twitter on Thursday. According to a number of users, he bought moving boxes during his shopping trip.

One Twitter user accompanied photos of him with this caption, "Just to add to the Kawhi Leonard frenzy: A friend of mine works at Home Depot and spotted Kawhi Leonard there; his purchase: moving boxes (maybe he purchased a bigger home in Toronto!)". 

The Kawhi sightings in Ontario just keep on coming and we don't want them to stop. This week, he's already been seen eating dinner at a Cactus Club in Toronto with Cory Joseph and sightseeing in Niagara Falls with his family

The Internet is going wild over the pictures of Kawhi at Home Depot. For instance, popular sports blog Barstool Sports reposted the pictures on their Twitter as well, and it got over 5000 likes and hundreds of comments. 

Some fans believe that this is a major sign that Kawhi is staying in Toronto. Several people are commenting on the pictures and saying that it could mean Kawhi's buying boxes to move into a home in Toronto, confirming that he'll re-sign with the Raptors.

So is Kawhi staying or leaving? As of now, no one knows for sure, especially since Kawhi has kept pretty quiet on his NBA future. However, according to recent reports, the Clippers are currently "poised" to sign Kawhi next season

We'll have to wait until the NBA free agency kicks off on June 30 to find out more on what Kawhi is thinking. One thing is certain though – Toronto will be absolutely heartbroken if he does leave the Raptors. 

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