Kevin Durant Will Play Tonight & Raptors Fans Are Already Losing It (VIDEO)

Some Raptors fans are starting to get extremely worried.
Kevin Durant Will Play Tonight & Raptors Fans Are Already Losing It (VIDEO)

If there's one thing the Raptors' fanbase hasn't lacked it's passion and confidence. Regardless of the high stakes and hype, Raptors fans have remained completely sure that the team will pull through and win their first championship. As a result, it seemed there was nothing that could worry fans, that is, until Kevin Durant made a return. So will Kevin Durant play in the NBA finals Game 5? The answer has finally been revealed and fans are losing it. 

While speculation arose this morning that Durant could be finally returning to the court, fan reactions were surprisingly mild with many remaining confident. Though once it was confirmed he was indeed playing, that's when reactions became a lot more wild, and worry started to rise.

Naturally, while there are some worried fans, many are still confident that the Raptors will pull through. In fact, a majority are completely unphased that Durant will be back in the lineup. Some might call it being overconfident, but who can blame fans considering the Raptors' performance so far. 

Though, beyond fans being over and underwhelmed by Durants return, it's sparked conversation about the rush around his return to the court in light of his absence due to injury. Many speculate that he is coming back too soon and it's all due to public pressure. 

Regardless it's clear that Durant's return is going to make for an even more exciting game than what fans were initially expecting!