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"Winter Blues" Are An Actual Thing And Apparently The Best Cure Is Taking A Vacation

Isn't vacaying the cure to everything, though?
"Winter Blues" Are An Actual Thing And Apparently The Best Cure Is Taking A Vacation
Unit Production Manager

As charming as winter can sometimes seem (esp. during the holidays), this subzero season generally sucks. Slush, freezing rain, sweating in your parka and Sorels as you shovel 30 cm of hardened snow - it’s a highly unpleasant time.

The lustre of Christmas has officially worn off and sadly been replaced with higher Hydro bills and frostbitten extremities; most of us have already realized that maybe our N.Y. resolutions were just slightly out of reach (once again); and summer is but a distant, teasing fantasy (and, no, we’ll most likely NOT be flaunting our elusive “summer bods”). Yeah, I’d say that constitutes a recipe for emotional turmoil.

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Many have concluded that the third Monday of January (a.k.a. the 21st) is the gloomiest day of the year, and I’m inclined to agree. Combining Monday Dread and Winter Blues? An explosion of overall b l a h n e s s is bound to ensue. Holiday dreaming is all most of us can do to retain an iota of will to survive - a tropical glimmer of hope, if you will.

Luckily, Sunwing has swooped in to help dig our desperate souls out of the bleak Blue Monday trenches. The cure? The holiday halo effect (a.k. the beloved bubbly vibes, high spirits, and awesome memories post getaway), which stems not merely from vacationing but, more importantly, vacationing BETTER!

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Seriously, Sunwing conducted a national survey to not only prove how heading to paradise results in a happier, healthier you, but to pinpoint the major ways to get the most out of your next trip. For starters, travel may prolong your lifespan and significantly decrease your risk of having a heart attack; plus, it helps you realign with your inner self, reignite your gusto for life, and strengthen romantic relationships. To make your next trip the best thus far, Sunwing recommends following these four steps.

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First, start laying out the groundwork now. For 75% of Canadian travellers, a huge portion of the excitement derived from vacationing is tied to the thrill of planning out every detail, booking flights and accommodations, reserving excursions, and scoping out the hottest beaches. The holiday halo effect begins long before you check in to YYZ and, if you plan the ultimate getaway, ends long after you’ve returned home!

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Second, do your research. A fantastic vacay will give you a lifetime of positive vibes and great memories to resort back to whenever you’re feeling a little down, stressed, or lost. Book the ideal trip that will make you the happiest possible. Apparently East Coast Canucks can be a gluttonous bunch: 34% of participants agreed that unlimited food and beverage is number one on their must-haves list. Close behind were amenity-loaded resorts (33%) and excursions (30%). Make such to book the exact trip you've been dreaming of, and make every second count!

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Next, don’t shy away from splurging on the extras that bring you joy (if you can!). A trip is an investment that should always be well spent and fondly remembered thereafter. For over half of us (52%), what matters most is creating everlasting memories on excursions and local experiences; for adventure-seeking millennials, the number increased to 70% (ain't no surprise there!).

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Lastly, if you’ve got vacation weeks to spare, extend your trip down south! Don’t be like 61% of Canucks who regret not extending their last trip; 66% of baby boomers agreed. Prolonging your tropical getaway is guaranteed to keep you smiling and feeling fuzzy inside long after your tan wears off; and the special memories created while frolicking in the sun are exactly what you need to survive your boss asking you to do overtime later on (ughhh).

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If all this vacation talk has got you raring to go, but you still don’t have a trip on your agenda (YET), then Sunwing’s 30-foot dome pop-up has your name all over it! On Monday, January 21, Yonge and Dundas Square will be transformed into the ultimate tropical oasis, complete with real palm trees, heating lamps, lounge chairs, and music. Head over from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM for your much-needed dose of sunshine and beach vibes. To boost everyone’s happiness levels, this fun event will include chances to win Sunwing Vacations travel vouchers valued up to $200, trip giveaways, cool swag, live merengue performances, and free hot cocoa.

Best of all, if you can’t enter the on-site contest to win a seven-day, all-inclusive trip to lovely Punta Cana, you can still enter it online here! Let’s not forget, Sunwing is also having its extraordinary Blue Monday Buster Sale, featuring up to 40% off loads of all-inclusive vacation packages.

Now's your chance to stop clinging to the mere idea of warmer climates, exotic food, and adrenaling-pumping adventures, and actually start planning your next holiday instead! Hit Blue Monday with a big, fat SAYONARA and combat it with Sunwing's exciting event!

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To take advantage of Sunwing's Blue Monday Buster sale, visit its website. For all the latest promos, check out Sunwing's Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Brittany Alexandra Silveira
Unit Production Manager