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Woman Who Threw Chair From Balcony Surrenders Herself To Toronto Police This Morning

Toronto Police just confirmed that the woman who tossed a chair into the populated Expressway has given herself up.

UPDATE (Feb 13, 9:21 AM): 19-year-old Marcella Zoia will face charges for the chair-throwing incident in Toronto, police confirm.

Toronto police confirmed Wednesday morning that the woman who went viral this week after she tossed a chair onto the Gardiner Expressway had turned herself over to the police. The woman was caught on film handing herself over to the officer's over at 52 Division around 7:00 AM this morning. Police stated that she was wanted for crimes of mischief and for causing endangerment to life.

Police had launched the investigation into the woman on Monday after the video of her crime went viral. Investigators called upon their fellow Torontonians to help identify the woman, many residents of the building seen in the footage immediately contacted police via Twitter to assist in the effort. 

The search for the suspect didn't last long with officers identifying her just one day after the investigation launched. After her identity became known to investigators the woman given two options: surrender yourself or face a warrant for your arrest.

Story and video here: https://t.co/GEiq3Uwtah https://t.co/UAWBRxeQ3V

February 13, 2019

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In the disturbing clip, the woman can be seen gleefully throwing a chair over a high-rise balcony. The chair then tumbles down before getting swept up by the wind, as it crashes down dangerously close to nearby drivers on the bustling Expressway. The chair almost smashed into a white van, if it had it easily could've killed the motorist, and the woman would be in even more trouble than she already is. 

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Police launched a similar investigation back in December when a young male was filmed tossing a chair into the Expressway; the woman may have directly copied his idea which means her arrest may mark the end of a deadly trend.