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Wynn Government Says They Will Invest 4 Key Things When Spending Ontario Dollars

Ontario's provincial election is just under four months away. No you aren't dreaming, it really is that close. Which means that now is the time that people actually tend to start paying attention to politics instead of trying to ignore it. 

With that in mind premier Kathleen Wynne has announced that her government will be holding a throne speech on Monday, where she plans to lay out  the government's plans in the time that is left before the election.  

The Wynne government is looking at investing in 4 key areas before the election to get voters attention.   

1. Mental Health  

Yes mental health. A hot button issue that seemingly everyone can get behind, especially university and college students. Mental health is at the forefront of a lot of post-secondary institutions minds as they try to help students deal with things like depression, anxiety and stress.

2. Health Care

Despite the fact that mental health and general health care should really fall into the same category they seem to always get split up. You can probably expect the Liberals to announce some kind of funding for hospitals or doctors soon though.  

3. Home Care 

Having to look after an aging parent is challenging so the government will be looking into ways to help ease that for people with elderly parents.  

4. Child Care 

This one comes up everyelection. Working and having to look after a young child is hard and the liberals obviously hope to help parents with that.

Source: The Star

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