11 Bad And Boujee Dates To Go On In Toronto

The dates you two deserve.
11 Bad And Boujee Dates To Go On In Toronto

Boujee: also known as high class, flossin', and ballin'. Some may say they possess a certain "swag" if you will. Big thanks to Urban Dictionary for clearing that up! Who uses this weird yet ever so popular word? Anybody from Migos to that person you passed on the subway carrying their juicy couture purse - anyone and everyone can be boujee. To me, it's the state of mind you get in when you are feeling fly and you know it. You're no longer in the mood for settling for anything less than you deserve, AND WHY SHOULD YOU MY BAD AND BOUJEE FRIEND?

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Guess who also shouldn't settle? You and your significant other. I mean, one of you is bad, one boujee, but put you together and you are obviously the epitome of bad and boujee - and need to celebrate that. When you guys go out on dates, you shouldn't feel like you have to settle for the classic dinner and a movie! YOU TWO ARE BOUJEE! Glamorous by Fergie was pretty much made to play in the background of your stunning lives so why not play it up one night and treat yourself?

Luckily, Toronto has many places that are so boujee that we almost dare to call it extra. But nevertheless, these are the places to treat yourself and recognise that you are, as Fifth Harmony would say, WORTH IT (baby I'm worth it). And boujee doesn't have to mean making it rain, we've found the best places to ball out without bringing on a downpour of your hard earned cash. Get ready to fly first class up in the sky (metaphorically) in the 6ix.

Disclaimer: I will say boujee about 20 times too much in this article. Next disclaimer, it's a fun word and I DON'T CARE, BOUJEE.

1. Go take in some internationally renowned art at the AGO!

The Art Gallery of Ontario isn't just one of the cities most beautiful and cherished gems (other than yourself), it is also one of the countries best art galleries. Bringing in works from Monet, Van Gogh, the Group of Seven and much more, the AGO is the place to go to feel extra classy. Take a romantic stroll through the stunning gallery hallways before grabbing a drink, excuse us, a cocktail, at a nearby bar.

We love Sin and Redemption right across from the AGO. It's a cool, dimly lit bar that perfectly matches the artistic ambience you'll be feeling that night. They have a huge selection of Belgian beers and also offer an expansive menu with every you'll need for a high-class evening (steak, Belgian cheeses croquettes etc.). Even better? You can go to the AGO for free every Wednesday from 6-9!

2. Indulge in the finest Wines at the ever so hip, Drake Hotel, for only half the cost with their Treat Yourself Tuesday.

Well, don't mind if we do. The Drake Hotel has increasingly become one of the cities hottest cultural and foodie destinations for it's alternative and local vibes. There's everything from indie music, unreal brunches, DJ dance parties and Drake Yoga; and the boujee flock here not only for that prime Insta opportunity but cool ambience that sets the perfect tone for you and your date to have a suave night. Every Tuesday they offer their 1/2 priced wine night, so indulge in style and without breaking your wallet.

Here's the info for your vino, and here is where you can find more rad events. 

3. Don't just go to an escape room, escape a Castle at the Casa Loma Escape Series.

You're boujee right? OF COURSE! Why would you guys be bothered to escape a mere room when you can escape a mother f*cking CASTLE?! Specifically, one of Toronto's most iconic castle (okay, maybe the only one), Castle Loma with Casa Loma Escape Series. Our pick? The King of Bootleggers, which leads you into a 1920s speakeasy. If that's not classy honestly I don't know what is anymore. Want to hype it up even more? You can book a private game (outside the public times) and a VIP experience with comes with the Castle's original wine cellar, oh la la! This is also an option for classy double dates as it's even more entertaining to escape with a group!

4. Pull a Rihanna and Drake and hit up the Raptors game like A-listers. 

No need to be courtside in order to feel like A-list celebs that constantly hit up the Raptors Games, boujee is a state of mind. Grab some cheap tickets, or splurge and go for those front and centre seats and make a night out of it (grab tickets here, ranging from 25 dollars to 300 plus). Dress to the nines and take the money you saved from the cheap tickets to hit Oyshi Sushi for an intimate and delicious dining experience! They have semi-private booths so you can keep up that VIP feeling all night long.

5. Rent a romantic Airbnb for an intimate weekend getaway.

Make this date something that you both won't forget by going (literally) the extra mile and renting one of these beautiful Airbnb's! These stunning places are either a couple hours away from the city as well as boujee places in the middle of the action. You and your bae will be able to cuddle up in these luxury Airbnb's that don't cost as much as they look like they would! The best part about this date? You and you S.O. can customize it to the type of night you are feeling. Rose petals spread around the abode perhaps? Or, the even classier and more attractive option? McDonald's spread around the apartment and a night of Netflix. Boujee AF.

6. Light up your fire at the Toronto Light Fest this winter at The Distillery District.

Unleash the cool, hip inner vibes that come with a night out at The Distillery District. And now until March 12th add that extra layer of boujee by going during the Toronto Light Fest. There are amazing installations from exceptionally talented artists that will blow you guys away (but obviously you'll keep it cool, calm and collected - or not). Take a romantic stroll through this free event and embrace a different artistic side that is hip yet ever so classy. Make sure to snap a pic at one of the installations and get ready to embrace the true meaning of the festival, finding a little bit of light even in the darkest of days. Aka, there's always a reason to be boujee and live your life, especially when you have your favourite person to share the memory with!

Make sure to support this rad event by helping it support the Yonge St. mission! Donate here to help Torontonians in need, all proceeds will help Toronto's street-involved youth through the Yonge Street Mission's Evergreen Centre For Street Youth!

7. Unleash your inner British Aristocrat and indulge in one of these fabulous high teas in Toronto.

High tea isn't just on another level when it comes to class, it's on a level so high you'll feel EXTRA fly. We unofficially heard that I Believe I Can Fly was actually inspired by the level of class that came from tiny finger sandwiches and boujee decor that comes with a high tea (okay, yes, maybe it's a rumour). But the thought is still there, why not try something new with your beau? Get dressed up and take it as seriously (or as jokingly) as you want! It's a fun way to try something new, and when there are gourmet sweets involved? That's classy enough for us.

8. Enhance the boujee-ness and beauty with a luxurious couples massage at Elmwood Spa.

The Elmwood Spa is pretty much the real life materialisation of you and your significant other - urban, calm, everyone is always excited to head there, and it's truly beautiful inside out. Okay enough with the slightly extra metaphors; this is the place to go if you and your beau want to feel a little extra glamorous one day. What's better than a massage? How about a massage at a historic brick building on Elm St. that has two restaurants, a juice bar, swimming pool whirlpool and steam rooms (which are complimentary with your massage). Choose one of their fantastic massage options, deep tissue, fire and ice, bamboo massage - the options to feel like A-Listers are endless and we're not complaining. Here's their whole menu.

9. Have a classy Great Gatsby-esque night by heading to the speakeasy style hidden bar The Libertine.

We get it, you guys are done with the basic dinner and drinks routine. You've hit all the popular bars in the entertainment district and beyond and you're feeling something different, or dare we say, boujee.  The Libertine is the perfect option, head here for a dim, prohibition era ambience. You'll literally feel like you walked into a hidden gem from the second you walk in, there's no signs, instead only a glowing Tarot Reader Sign above a bland looking door signals its existence. Get funky drinks like The Queen Bitch or Dirty Nelly, and get ready for the party to start with their cool DJ's and music selections.

10. Experience unreal Aburi-style sushi at Miku for a decadent dining experience.

Get ready, the world famous Aburi-style sushi restaurant Miku has finally come to the 6ix and it is the place to go for amazing Japanese cuisine that will make you feel ever so glamorous. It has a sleek decor, high ceilings, hand-painted murals (from Japanese street artist Hideki Kimura), and a contemporary ambience that lets the food do the talking. There are rave reviews for their innovative Aburi selection (Aburi is flame seared sushi to create ew textures and enhance the natural flavours), each unique dish bursts with flavour (even the rice is full and rich). Sit at the raw bar, enjoy your meal, and make sure you taste the delicious sake curated by the Sake Sommelier for a truly amazing experience.

Try their Winterlicous menu

11. Smell the love in the air? Oh wait, that's the hand-crafted perfume made by you and your beau at 6 by Gee Beauty.

This small Rosedale boutique is the epitome of boujee, it's a fashion lover/aesthetically pleasing store seeker's fantasy. Designer duds, hand-crafted jewellery, Italian imported sunglasses - it's got it all except the Kardashians. So why not go in there with your significant other and pretend to be reality TV stars for the day? Call people darling, proclaim to be vegan, have fun with it! Stroll in there with your Greenhouse Juices and create a custom perfume at their Le Labo fragrance bar to remember this super 'extra'outing.

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