Toronto’s Yonge Line Is Getting Extended All The Way To Richmond Hill (PHOTO)

Travelling is about to become a whole lot easier.
Yonge North Subway Extension Will Go All The Way To Richmond Hill (PHOTO)

Northern Torontonians rejoice! Your commute downtown could be getting to get a whole lot easier. An agreement between the Ontario government and York Region signed on May 29 is laying down the groundwork to install a new six-stop Yonge North Subway extension. The expansion will allow Line 1 to reach from Union to Richmond Hill.

According to VivaNext, the transit project will extend the Yonge Subway by 7.4 kilometres north from Finch Station to Highway 7.

The ambitious initiative would allow TTC riders to travel further north than ever before.

So, there might come a day where you don't have to catch a bus home to the York Region.

"This critical rapid transit link will include up to 6 stations at Cummer/Drewry, Steeles, Clark, Royal Orchard, Langstaff/Longbridge, and Richmond Hill Centre. Intermodal terminals will be located at Steeles Station and at Richmond Hill Centre Station, and 2,000 commuter parking spaces will be near Langstaff/Longbridge Station," reads a statement about the project.

On top of its improvements to commuter convenience, the Yonge North Subway Extension also aims to tackle environmental issues.

The route expansion will reportedly save an annual 13 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions by eliminating thousands of bus trips.

However, you won't be able to hop on this line anytime soon.

The subway extension is currently slated to open in 2030.

A photo was also released, highlighting the future of the subway system. 

[rebelmouse-image 25983005 photo_credit="North Yonge Subway Extension | VivaNext " expand=1 original_size="275x625"]

The photo shows that stops will travel past Vaughn, Markham, and all the way into Richmond Hill. 

The project's goal is to help the millions of GTA workers living in the York Region get to and from work.

"We've got workers living in Scarborough and other parts of the city, getting to our major employment zones. Not all our employment zones are downtown. There's a megazone that's Markham, Richmond Hill, and Toronto, the second largest employment area in Canada is around Pearson Airport" Jan De Silva, Chair, Toronto Region Of the Board, said about the issue.

Last year, Premier Doug Ford and Mayor John Tory announced a historic partnership between the city and the province to work together to construct four new expanded Toronto subway systems.

Patrick John Gilson
Patrick John Gilson was a Creator with Narcity Media focused on Ontario gas prices and is based in Toronto, Ontario.