The York Regional Police just welcomed some new members to their team, and they are as cute as they are certified. The canine unit had a ceremony for two of their newest grads who are ready to start their careers in law enforcement. The York Regional Police canine unit now has two new German Shepherds on the team, who received their badges on Monday, January 20. York and Hux, are both 1-year old and are now officially part of the York Regional Police unit. Both pups were born in Slovakia, and have received extensive training in law enforcement. Their areas of expertise include tracking, criminal apprehension, and evidence location, according to the York Regional Police. It was revealed that both boys passed with flying colours in building and area search, as well as obedience. Their handlers, Constable Zach Leece, and Constable Mark Hansen are proud to have them added to the Canine Community Partner Wall. According to the YRP, canines were originally added to their police force in 1989. They started off with four purebred German Shepherds and have since expanded to 15 of them. Out of those, 13 are full-time handlers of law enforcement. They work tirelessly in multiple avenues of enforcement to make the lives of officers easier. 

The dogs are trained to track fleeing suspects, search for missing people, and assisting in high-risk arrests.  They are responsible for using their heightened senses and speed for helping do jobs that humans can't. They also help to apprehend criminals into custody.

 Their abilities help their human partners in keeping the city safe, and their graduation yesterday was well deserved. Both pups attended their graduation ceremony and even received a diploma for all of their hard work. 

"This afternoon we were proud to welcome our newest additions to the Canine Unit – handlers Constable Zack Leece and Constable Mark Hansen and their Police Service Dogs York and Hux. And yes, both German Shepherds were very good boys during their graduation ceremony," read a York Regional Police tweet yesterday.