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Man In "MAGA" Hat Causes Disruption At York University's New Zealand Massacre Vigil (VIDEO)

A young man wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat shows up to York University's vigil for the New Zealand mass shooting.

There's no question about it: Donald Trump may indeed be the most polarizing figure in recent human history. Whether you love him or hate him, most people can agree that Trump's infamously iconic "Make America Great Again" baseball cap has stirred controversy and made headlines since its public debut back in 2015.

Yesterday, a young man wore a "Make America Great Again" hat to a vigil at York University for the victims of Friday's New Zealand church massacre.  He was approached by onlookers and was told, "These people don't owe you an explanation...There was a f*cking massacre and you're wearing a symbol of racism.  Get the f*ck out."  He finally turns around and leaves the vigil as a crowd cheers "Get out!  Get out!"

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According to the Twitter account that posted the video, the young man had said the vigil was "meaningless".  After the video was uploaded to Twitter yesterday, countless critics of the man's fashion statement took to social media:

Posting this again with an explanation... my school held a vigil to honour the lost lives caused by the attack in New Zealand. This man showed up with a MAGA hat on purpose. This was taking place in Toronto. Before i started recording he was saying the vigil was meaningless. pic.twitter.com/qxZLrC5jDY

March 19, 2019

the insensitivity, disrespect, and lack of basic morality is just shocking to me. also York is the last university you wanna wear MAGA hat like goodbye sir vigil or not you woulda got your ass beat

March 19, 2019

some white guy really decided to attend the york university vigil for the NZ victims wearing a MAGA hat & y’all are supporting him? never question that some of THE dumbest kids in Ontario go here

March 19, 2019

To the guy in the Maga hat at the fucking NZ vigil at @yorkuniversity - you got ran out with your tail between your legs but honestly women of colour didn't need to be doing that emotional labour sending you back to your hole

March 18, 2019

Apparently some guy at wore a MAGA hat to the vigil at my Uni for the shooting in New ZealandWhat a loser

March 19, 2019

LOL @ the guy who wore a MAGA hat to a vigil for the Christchurch victims..... the audacity or should I say stupidity? Ignorance? Dumbassery?

March 19, 2019

you show up to a vigil,,, in yorku,,, for the muslims that were killed in a terrorist attack,,, wear a maga hat and dont think people will be upset?? you're in canada?? tf does trump propaganda have to do with us?

March 19, 2019

+ Further on that, this was a vigil. Commemorating the deaths of 50 innocent Muslim people who died at the hand of a terrorist. And someone is walking around with a maga hat? There's a time and place for clothing, and that was by no means respectful clothing AT ALL +

March 19, 2019

lmao I just saw a video of a dork in a MAGA hat getting kicked out of the YorkU mosque attack vigil and people in the comments are arguing about it. Conservatives are incredible

March 19, 2019

While many York University students were outraged, some Torontonians came to the young man's defence, explaining that a "MAGA hat is not a symbol of hatred".

A young man was attacked yesterday for wearing a #MAGA hat @yorkuniversity Toronto Canada. The MAGA hat is not a symbol of hatred! People asked why is he wearing a MAGA hat. There is nearly two million Americans currently residing in #Canada! pic.twitter.com/XsHgjafLoy

March 19, 2019

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The young man's name has not been made public at this time. York University has yet to respond to the incident. Narcity has reached out to the university for comment.