November is right around the corner and in Canada, that means one thing only - snow. While some may enjoy the colder months and winter chill, others are already planning their next getaway. 

Luckily for Canadians in Toronto, you can escape to Mexico with your best friend and travel for only $550 in November for the 7-day all-inclusive getaway of your dreams. This is the perfect time to book off a week at work and get yourself a tan before the holidays! 

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Expedia is offering a deal when two people take a trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for an all-inclusive stay at the Flamingo Vallarta Hotel And Marina. The resort has 3-stars and is recommended by 82% of users on the travel website. 

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The $550 price tag attached to this trip includes round-trip flights and an all-inclusive stay at the resort. The Flamingo Vallarta Hotel is located on the waterfront and has an outdoor pool, bar, gym, and restaurant. 

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You can book your escape to Mexico for a 7 day trip on November 3rd, 4th, and 8th for $549 before the price goes up by $75. Still, you can then book trips on November 11th, 15th, 17th, and 18th, for $629 and the exact same benefits. 

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So how do you get this insanely great deal? Go to Expedia and click on the "All Inclusive Deals" tab. You can just search the destinations, add the dates, and boom, you've got an amazing (and cheap) vacation for a last-minute getaway! 

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This is the perfect time to use up your leftover vacation days, go on a fun trip with your mom or BFF, or maybe even a first trip for those enjoying cuffing season! Whatever it may be, a 7-day trip that's got everything included for just over $500 is a reason to treat yourself! 

You can also visit Narcity Travel to book your flights, hotels and car rentals for your adventures in Mexico.