We all need to hear it. Whether you simply need a reminder during your darkest hours or because you've lost faith in yourself, take a moment in your day to just know that:

You are good enough.

You see, we live in a world where our smallest failures are magnified into the largest proportions while our biggest triumphs are swept under the rug. We live in a world where nobody ever feels like they can be proud of themselves (well, maybe except Donald Trump) because there's always going to be someone better. We live in a world that tells you that you aren't worth it, that you should stop trying--- that you aren't good enough.

And it's just sad.

It's hard to love yourself when the world tells you otherwise, but it's not entirely impossible. You see, a lot of our insecurities and self doubt originate from the constant comparisons that we make with people who are clearly a "more" comparison of us.

There's always going to be someone who can write more eloquently than you or solve a problem that you can't, or someone who simply looks better than you. You may not be the greatest, but that doesn't make you any less great. 

In fact, instead of seeing others as "more" than you, learn to start believing that it's you. You are more. You are more than what this world tells you that you are not. You are more than what you think you don't deserve.

You are more.

When you start to doubt the confidence that you are 100% entitled to, you start to lose yourself and get consumed by this mindset that you are not enough.

And the reason why I'm ever so preaching about this is because I realized that I need to start believing it myself. I know what it's like at the darkest of times when you question why you even bother trying, why you think you deserve praise when you shouldn't.

The road to self love and appreciation is a long one that, just like the streets of Toronto, is always going to be under construction. We are all a work in progress with our own shifts, gears and wires --- similar to many however identical to no one. 

You don't need anyone telling you how great you are because your biggest critic is always going to be yourself. As a new generation, we need to stand our ground against the negativity of this world and remind ourselves of our self worth.

You deserve to be loved, appreciated and praised. You deserve to smile at yourself and tell yourself that you are good looking, talented and loved. It's not easy and it definitely sounds so damn cheesy, but in order to grow you need to accept the love that all of us deserve.

You deserve more.

Because you are good enough. 

And this is exactly why.

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