Free beer! Quite possibly the two best words that can possibly be combined into a sentence in the English language.

And this Canada day long weekend you’ll actually have a chance to get your hands on some of that free beer right here in Toronto!

No this is not a joke, it’s 100% real. So when and where will this free beer be available you ask? 

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Big Rock Brewery is hosting an event in their parking lot this Saturday at 5 p.m. which is absolutely free to attend.

And with that free admission, you are entitled to 2 FREE BEERS! Any beers you want after those 2 free ones will cost you $5 but who cares once you’re on you’re 3rd beer and have only paid 5 bucks for all your drinks so far? 

There will also be food available as well catered by Lisa Marie, not free, unfortunately - but at a reduced cost. 

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And you don’t even need to pay to get to the event!

The brewery will be running a FREE shuttle bus from Liberty Commons to the event! 

You can even get a FREE tour of their brewery as well! 

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So that’s 2 free beers, really cheap food, a free bus to get you to and from the event and free brewery tours, how can you say no to any of that? 

If taking the bus isn’t your thing Big Rock Brewery is located at 3-1589 The Queensway.