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When it comes to live music, Toronto has it all. We have enormous stadiums, A-list acts, talented young and upcoming artists, and home-grown celebrities.

But as any Torontonian knows, the city's underground music scene is where our city shines the brightest. While major venues regularly attract big stars like Beyoncé and Taylor Swift, dedicated music lovers know that smaller venues provide a more intimate, rewarding experience. 

Sofar Sounds, 01437-PHD, NarTO

If you're tired of standing shoulder to shoulder in crowded venues and hardly being able to hear yourself think, there's a concert you should check out next month. It's intimate, it's pretty secret, and best of all, it's free!

On September 7, Grolsch, the iconic beer brand, is teaming up with Sofar Sounds to bring us closer to true, authentic artists through a series of concerts called "Grolsch Unpopped," presented by Sofar Sounds, in the downtown area. 

While the locations and lineups of these concerts remain secret until the very last moment, every night has three cutting-edge live acts performing in an exclusive setting. Oh, and they'll be serving their flavourful premium pilsner. It's the perfect Saturday night. 

The secret concerts are the brainchild of Sofar, who has been bringing together artists and music lovers in unique locations since 2009. And like the rest of the Unpopped series concerts, the September 7 event will be an exciting, invite-only secret performance where the best new music is performed in a unique space to passionate audiences. 

Sofar Sounds, 01437-PHD, NarTO

Anyone who wants to attend will have to enter the competition for tickets here. It's totally free! Winners will get two tickets to the show where secret live acts will perform at a currently undisclosed location. The competition closes on September 2, so hurry up and enter because you're definitely going to want to check this out!

The events, like the company's beer, and slogan — "As I Am" — is for anyone who's all about staying true to themselves. So if you're looking for music with substance, great beer, and an incredible time, you'll find it at the September 7 Unpopped concert!

To learn more about this free concert, visit Grolsch's Instagram and website.