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You Can Attend A Secret Concert For Free In Toronto This Week

Indie music at an intimate venue!
You Can Attend A Secret Concert For Free In Toronto This Week
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Summer is here, friends, and so is concert season!

Big-name celebs like Lil Wayne and Diplo are hitting Toronto's largest stages this July and August, but if you can say "been there, done that" to overcrowded, noisy venues where you can hardly see the stage, we recommend trying out something a little different this summer.

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On July 23, iconic Dutch beer company Grolsch is teaming up with Sofar Sounds to bring us a completely free, must-attend concert at a top-secret location! The initiative, a series of free, intimate concerts called "Unpopped," brings Torontonians closer to the music, featuring the best in up-and-coming artists at intimate concert halls (PS. you'll get the location of the concert 36 hours prior!). Past Unpopped locations have included the Rivoli, an intimate restaurant/concert venue/pool hall, is the perfect venue to host it.

Sofar has been bringing together artists and music lovers in unique locations since 2009. The shows always begin as a secret: amazing performances are held at undisclosed locations - from living rooms and rooftops to boutique shops.

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Like each Sofar show, the lineup for the July 23 event in Toronto (which is 19+, by the way) will remain a secret until the very last moment. The night, however, will definitely have three cutting-edge live acts performing music of real substance in an intimate setting. That one guy who keeps unsuccessfully trying to start a mosh pit? He won't be there.

If you're looking for good music, great beer and a memorable time, you'll find it on July 23 at this leg of Groslch's Unpopped concerts! The events, like the company's beer, and slogan — "As I Am" — is for anyone who's all about staying true to themselves.

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So, if you're tired of not being able to move in an overcrowded venue, having a view of everyone's iPhones instead of the stage and missing an entire set because the guy next to you won't stop talking, then this July 23 Grolsch Unpopped music event is for you. Just make sure to enter to win your tickets: space is limited and you're going to want to check this out!

For more info and to enter to win tickets, visit Grolschon Instagram and Facebook

Jennifer Browne
Sponsored Content Contributing Writer
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