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Today's The Saddest Day Of 2018 - Here's How You Can Cheer Up With Puppies In Toronto

Monday January 15th 2018 is poised to be the saddest day of the year. Scientists call it 'Blue Monday' the day everyone is at their most glum. The weather is cold, the holidays are over, and we're back to work. But there's one reason to be super happy today, especially if you live in the downtown core. 

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In honour of Mental Health Awareness Month, Cadillac Fairview is welcoming the week with pop-up puppy parks in some of the busiest offices in Toronto. Therapy dogs and puppies are used at universities, hospitals and even CAMH to alleviate stress and bring an instant dose of joy to your day - including your work day. 

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The puppies will be available for petting at 3 office locations today: 20 Queen St. West at the Cadillac Fairview Tower,  222 Bay St. at the TD Tower, and 155 Wellington St. W. at the RBC Centre. Some insta-famous pups might also be dropping by, so if you're in the area get your petting hands ready! 

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