Now that spring has arrived, several exciting events will soon be happening across the province. One of them involves an epic, 10-km race down the Ganaraska River in Eastern Ontario.

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Float Your Fanny Down the Ganny is a yearly celebration that commemorates the major flood which devastated the city of Port Hope in 1980. People from all over the province bring their canoes, kayaks and crazy rafts to river in hopes to conquer its ruthless rapids.

Visitors are welcome to sign up and participate for any of the canoe, kayak or crazy raft races. They can also choose to just spectate the event, if they aren’t interested in getting wet.

The Crazy Raft race is perhaps the most exciting of the races at the event. Each year, people go all out on their designs, and it’s always interesting to see which of the rafts comes out on top. Those interested in creating a raft for the race have a few rules that they must follow:

  • No toxic drums or drums that once held pesticides solvents or oil products are to be used. All craft will be inspected before the race.
  • A rope is to be attached to the bow of the craft for safety
  • You must portage craft around the dam. (Assistance is allowed)
  • Craft may be left in the municipal lot until 5pm. Each Craft/Canoe/Kayak will be given one vehicle pass to allow access to Cavan Street for pick up and removal of craft/boat. See ‘Support Crew’ section.
  • All crafts must show their boat number at all times. See ‘Number Allocation’

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