You Can Build Your Own Monster Caesar This Summer In Toronto

Attention caesar lovers!
You Can Build Your Own Monster Caesar This Summer In Toronto

As the long weekend approaches so does that heat reminding us how long it's been since we had a scorching summer day. And now that it's officially that time of the year, it's officially time to grab some friends and head outside for some day drinks and good times. 

But it wouldn't be a summer in the city without a good ol' fashioned caesar. They're many people's drink of choice when it comes to a hot summer day because they're just so dang refreshing. But there's a new caesar in town. 

In fact, there's a whole lot of new caesar coming to town. Starting Saturday July 7 at Assembly's Chef Hall at 111 Richmond Street West, you and your friends will be able to build your own crazy caesar concotions through various additons to the staple drink.

You start with your base caesar of vodka, rim and clamato for only 5 bucks. After that, you can add anything your heart desires from one of the 18 vendor booths inside the hall.

Options include a slider on a skewer, yakitori, pogos, mac & cheese bites, tater tots, hand roll, chicken satay, 1/2 lobster tail/claw, meatballs, caprese on stick, candied bacon, various meats/cheese, arancini, chicken & waffles, dumplings, falafel, croquette and many more! It's caesar madness!

Each add-on will cost you anywhere from 3-6 bucks, but the experience is well worth it for all the interesting things you can do to a classic caesar. The DIY caesar experience will run from 11am-3pm every Saturday.

Check out the website for more info.