You Can Buy Your Dog An Epic Birthday Cake At This Spot In Toronto

You Can Buy Your Dog An Epic Birthday Cake At This Spot In Toronto

Every dog lover has always wanted to make their four-legged friend's birthday a special occasion. Though considering regular cakes are but a distant dream to give your dog to eat on their big day, pet owners have had to get creative. Luckily, dog owners in the city can consider their prayers answered with the owner of It's The Icing on The Cake's dog bakery venture!

Via Mattie & Finnegan

Denise Angus and Lynda Paul both started the project "Mattie and Finnegan" as a way to give pets a treat on their special day. On top of serving dog-friendly cakes, partial proceeds for each sale go towards the No Hungry Pets Project, an organization that gives pet food to local food banks.

So what can you expect if you are lookingto get a cake for your four-legged pal? The spot offers both cakes and cupcakes that will run you around $40. There are tons of flavours to choose from as well such as 'Sour Cream Banana,' 'Apple Cake,' 'Carrot Cake,' 'Pumpkin Cake,' and their best-seller, 'Liver Cake!' The flavours can be used for either their cakes or cupcakes which will run you $19.50 for half a dozen.

Via Maggie & Finnegan

If you are now suddenly extremely motivatedto plan your dog's next birthday (with a cake this time), you can check out their website and call in to order your cake ASAP. Unfortunately as of now there is no public address you can walk into, rather you'll have to call in advance for a pick up or delivery!

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