You Can BYOB To These 15 Toronto Restaurants

Drink away, without breaking the bank.
You Can BYOB To These 15 Toronto Restaurants

Torontonians love to dine out, so finding that perfect restaurant and atmosphere is essential to a fun night out! But no one wants to pay those marked up prices for a bottle of wine that you find for cheap at the local LCBO or Wine Rack.

What’s the solution? Hit up these 15 Toronto restaurants that allow you to bring in your own bottle of wine! Some charge a slight corkage fee, but there are a ton of specials and even specific days where these fees get waived!

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Say goodbye to overpriced glasses of wine and indulge in your favourite bottle, without putting a hole in your wallet. It’s like hosting your very own dinner party, minus the dishes.

1. Bar Isabel // 797 College Street

$30 corkage fee

2. The Rosedale Diner // 1164 Yonge Street

Free corkage fees on Mondays and Tuesdays

3. Farmhouse Tavern // 1627 Dupont Street

$25 corkage fee

4. Flor de Sal // 501 Davenport Avenue

$50 corkage fee

5. Biff's Bistro // 4 Front Street East

Free corkage every Sunday from 5pm - close

6. Katana on Bay // 333 Bay Street

$35 corkage fee

7. Los Colibris // 220 King Street West

Free corkage on your first bottle every Monday

8. The Elm Tree // 43 Elm Street

Free corkage all day on Monday

9. Mildred’s Temple Kitchen // 85 Hanna Avenue

$25 corkage fee

10. Nota Bene // 180 Queen Street West

$35 corkage fee

11. Real Mo-Mo’s // 51 Colborne Street

$10 corkage fee on Monday - Tuesday and $25 corkage Wednesday – Sunday

12. Local Kitchen & Wine Bar // 1710 Queen Street West

$30 corkage fee. Half price corkage on Monday

13. Tutti Matti // 364 Adelaide Street West

Free corkage on Monday’s

14. Vino Rosso Bar & Restaurant // 995 Bay Street

$15 corkage fee on Monday – Thursday

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15. Scaramouche Restaurant Pasta Bar & Grill // 1 Benvenuto Place

$35 corkage fee

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