The Northern Lights are one of the most amazing sights you can ever see in Canada. Its unique colours and silky oscillations make them appear totally dream-like and otherworldly.

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In Canada, the best places to view the lights are in the more northerly regions of the country, such as Dawson City or Yellowknife. However, there are a few locations to the south that still catch some of the Lights. Gordon's Park in Ontario is one of them.

Located on Manitoulin Island, Gordon's Park is one of Ontario's few Dark Sky Preserves, which means its skies are not clouded by lights and pollution from major city centres. This makes it one of the best places in the province to gaze at stars (and other "celestial" sights like the Northern Lights) in the sky.

Photo cred – Dieter Lig

The park offers a unique experience that involves camping in a deluxe tipi tent under the Northern Lights within a private campsite of the park. Each tipi is equipped with raised floors, rain caps, functioning Wi-Fi and sleeping mattresses. Picnic tables, cook stands and campfire pits are also available for use in the campsite.

Guests can rent a tipi at $98 per night for two people. A maximum of four extra guests are allowed at $10 per person. Various activities, tours and excursions are also available for purchase.

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