Pizza is a sacred thing in Canadian food culture. Even though we didn't invent it, we hold it near and dear to our hearts. You'd be hard-pressed to find someone living in this country that doesn't love a good, greasy slice of pizza that is covered in cheese and yummy toppings! 

If that sentence made your mouth water, just wait because this Toronto spot serves up some seriously amazing pizza pies! True True Pizza is a 'create-you-own' shop that offers a super unique experience in addition to your delicious meal.

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True True is located at 169 King St E in the St. Lawrence area of Toronto. Their entire motto is being true to their craft and true to yourself with each pizza pie they create! 

When you walk into this gorgeous pizza shop you get to create your own pizza with all the toppings that you like and they'll make it right in front of you! They also have a full menu of pizzas they've created themselves that are also incredibly delicious if you don't want to personalize yours.

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Although the pizzas here are super unique and delicious, what really makes this place worth visiting is their interior design. They walls and ceilings are painted a light pink colour, they have simple lights, marble table tops, and the word 'true' as a statement pizza on their wall made out of mirrors! 

It truly is a gorgeous space to enjoy your personalized pizza in and also grab a few good Instagrams while you're at it. 

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The prices of their pizzas range from around $8.50 to $21 with 3 sizes to choose from. They're definitely affordable and they only have a couple toppings on their customizable pizza menu that are extra charge which is always appreciated from customers. 

They also serve salads for sides plus wine and craft beer to make it into a cute date night or dinner out with friends!

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Check out their website for menus and more information!