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You Can Dine In An Incredible Underground Cave In Ontario Next Month

The coolest dinner you'll ever go on.
You Can Dine In An Incredible Underground Cave In Ontario Next Month

Of the several unlikely spots to have a dinner in Ontario, one place stands out for its outstanding dining experience in a truly unique setting.

The Bonnechere Caves is a privately-owned attraction in Eganville that features the world's finest natural solutional caves. The underground system is almost 500 million years old and consists of prehistoric fossils, bat colonies, ancient rivers and even some waterfalls. Run by Chris Hinsperger and his wife, the caves offer a great introduction to spelunking with guided tours and interactive sessions.

Perhaps the coolest event that the Hinsperger's hold at the cave is an underground dining affair, which takes place deep within the tunnels of the cave. It's a truly unique experience that involves candlelit tables, great food and live music from local talents in an intimate setting. In past years, Rio Tap and Grill catered the events and provided delicious menu options including beef and chicken platters.

I spoke to Chris and he confirmed that there will be two underground dining events this September:

"We do it for the novelty and the fun we have doing them," says Chris. "Each sitting is around 35 people. They are truly an epic experience, our customers tell us."

It will cost $89 per person, which will include tip, taxes, a four-course meal, a bottle of wine per couple, and a guided tour of the caves that afternoon. On any regular day, tourists and still visit the caves for hour-long tours at $18 per adult. More rates can be found here.

To check for the availability of spots and to book your reservation, call Chris at 613-628-2283. You can also visit the Bonnechere Caves official website for more information.

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