You Can Drink And Play With Guns, Knives, Axes And Arrows At This Adult Playground In Toronto

If you seek a thrilling experience in Toronto, there's a place where you can drink and play with weapons.... Seriously.

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STRYKE is a target range that allows visitors to test their aim with axes, throwing knives, bows and arrows and air guns. With its four weapon options, it is one of the most diverse target ranges in the GTA. Currently, STRYKE has two locations: one in Brampton and one in Toronto. The 10,000-square-foot facilities are equipped with target ranges, a spacious waiting area, TVs and snack bars. Targets can also be customized with unique objects like pans, stuffed toys, and even pictures of Donald Trump...  If that's your kind of thing.

Individual Groups can also request Special Occasions Permits from the AGCO, so groups can bring in alcohol (with the exception of hard liquor) for events like company outings, charity fundraisers, receptions, etc.

Perhaps the best part about the entire experience is that it is relatively cheap. For only $45 a person, you and three friends can indulge in a three-hour session of target practice.

STRYKE does both walk-ins (axes and knives only) and group bookings. For more information, visit their website,

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Ready, aim and fire - A new target range has opened in Toronto this month.

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