If you take a look outside your window right now you'll be relieved to see blue skies, bright sunshine and a few puffy white clouds here and there. Spring has finally arrived and now it's time to celebrate! 

We no longer have to hole ourselves up inside for warmth, all we have to do is walk out our front door and that bright sunshine will beat down on us! Sunshine instantly puts everyone into a good mood because who could really be mad when the weather is stunning? 

The best way to embrace the gorgeous spring weather is head out to a patio ASAP. Get in your group chat, get all your friends on board and head over to this adorable rooftop patio that is literally calling your name. 

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Sky Yard is the rooftop bar at The Drake Hotel where you can literally drink cocktails under the stars! It's a year-round patio with heated areas during the colder months but we all know this rooftop spot is perfect during the summer months. 

Sky Yard is located at 1150 Queen St W in the West Queen West area. It's probably one of the best patios in the entire city without contest. Its' full of unique and beautiful murals, comfy and numerous seating, adorable twinkly lights, and of course amazing food and drinks!

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They serve their snack menu during the evenings here including fresh sushi, salads, oysters, charcuterie boards, burgers, fries and other quick bites! The bar has tons of beers on tap as well as imaginative cocktails that offer a twist on your go-to drink!

The music here is always great plus they hold fun events here throughout the summer months! The best thing about this patio is that you don't have to wait for the weather to fully heat up for it to open since it's open all year round anyways! 

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Check out their website for more information.