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You Can Eat The Most Epic Brunch Food Ever At This Massive Festival In Toronto

Millennials don't have much but they do have brunch 🍳🥓🥞

You can taste the best brunch that Toronto has to offer all in one massive brunch festival happening this spring! The Bud Light Radler Brunch Fest features every brunch food you can possibly name and several that you'd never be able to come up with in your dreams.

What makes brunch so appealing? In our fast-paced times, brunch is one of the few acceptable social situations where it's okay to slow down. Especially if you lined up for over an hour, you're going to take your sweet time enjoying a late breakfast on a weekend morning.

There's also the booze factor. It's acceptable to drink with a mimosa or caesar at brunch in a way that would just be weird on a weekday. Brunch Fest has an actual classic caesar bar and plenty of cocktail options featuring their Bud Light Radler so you can sip, relax and stuff your face full of breakfast food. It's really the recipe for a perfect day.

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Anyone can make a reservation or roll-up to a restaurant in the late-morning to grab a table. Those among us who take brunch seriously have the stamina, passion and the insatiable appetite to check out this brunch festival to try a huge variety of brunch-y foods and sample the finest poached eggs and hollandaise that TO has to offer. Plus, there's going to be many opportunities to booze it up so even your less-devoted brunch companions will be easily persuaded to join you!

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The Bud Light Radler Brunch Fest is happening over the first weekend of June on Saturday, June 1 and Sunday, June 2. You can get tickets starting at $7.95 per person and it comes with a free Bud Light Radler. This massive brunch festival takes place at The Grounds at Hotel X and it's adults-only. You can get timed-entry tickets or an all-day pass and the event goes from 10 AM to 7 PM. 

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