Ontario is particularly beautiful in the winter. Aside from its dreamy snow-covered towns and cities, it also has some spectacular icy landforms that do not need any lights or holiday decorations to highlight their beauty.

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The ice caves in Lake Superior are a perfect example of such. Every winter, the caves become covered in snow and ice and turn into beautiful ice structures that you can explore. Several people like to rent snowmobiles from nearby towns to get to each site, which adds even more thrill to the experience. Other bring their snowshoes so they can trek the surrounding snow trails with ease.

A few notable sites for ice cave hopping include Pointe Des Chenes Park, Red Rock, Coppermine Point and Alona Bay; all of which are within the Sault Ste. Marie area.

Photo cred - Northern Ontario Travel

The ice caves at Lake Superior are approximately 8-hours away from Toronto, so some trip-planning will be necessary. But it's definitely worth it, especially for those who seek a true adventure this winter season.

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