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You Can Explore This Haunted Ghost Town In Ontario For A Creepy Adventure

One of the scariest places in the province.
You Can Explore This Haunted Ghost Town In Ontario For A Creepy Adventure

Ontario's rich history is filled with several dark and bone-chilling moments. Many remnants of the its eerie past still remain today, and they make the province a rather intriguing place to explore.

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One of these historical remnants is a deserted ghost town that has a haunted story behind it. Indiana, Ontario is a completely abandoned town just a few minutes away from the nearby community of Cayuga. Located by the Grand River, the town was once home to a bustling community that thrived on a booming lumber transportation business.

In later decades, train systems which bypassed the town were established, causing the town to dwindle. Overtime, residents began to move to more prosperous towns like Hamilton and St. Catharines, and eventually all that was left of Indiana was a few empty houses, graveyards, and the iconic mansion of the Thompsons, the first family who owned the town.

Today, the Thompson Mansion continues to operate for tours, but other than that, the town is completely abandoned. It is a hotspot for paranormal activity, thanks to the haunted graveyards within the town.

One ghost that still haunts the town is that of a young girl named Little Bessie. Guests who have toured the Thompson Mansion before have reported seeing a girl sitting at the top of the stairs in the main corridor. According to a decades-old letter written by the father of the Thompson family, Bessie suffered a painful death in the 1800's from Diptheria at 11 years old.

Apart from hauntings, an dark presence has been said to emanate from the very grounds of the Thompson Mansion. If you are interested in visiting, you can always book a tour of the grounds and graveyards in the area.

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