For all of you that gawked at The Little Mermaid and dreamed about swimming under the sea with a fish tail, the opportunity is finally knocking at your door. AquaMermaid, located at Jimmie Simpson Recreation Centre, opened its doors this weekend for the first time in Toronto. This unique program provides swimming lessons with an artistic twist. You learn how to swim like a mermaid.

AquaMermaid teaches you to glide gracefully across the water with both legs bound together. Maneuver through the depths in a spandex tail under the guidance of professional lifeguards, synchronized swimmers, and aqua fitness instructors. Work out your abs, glutes, and thighs while discovering the sensation of being a mythical creature. Don't worry though, it's not all hard work. There's always time slotted for the most exciting part of the lesson: the free swim!

Adult classes are 14+ and cost $300 (plus tax of course) for 10 one-hour long weekly sessions. If you're unsure, that's no problem. You can do a trial class for $60. Monthly memberships are also available which provides unlimited access to all classes, space to free swim at your own convenience, and more.

But the fun doesn't stop there; you can register for special events such as featuring in your very own photoshoot with AquaMermaid's in-house photographer. Mermaid models and entertainers can also be reserved to swim in private and/or public pools for parties. How many of your friends had sirens floating around on their big day?

Relive your childhood dreams for the first time ever and get a great workout while you're at it! Enrollment for trials and classes are available now. For more information check out AquaMermaid's website and Facebook.