You Can Finally Get Cheap $5 Beers And Other Snacks At Blue Jays Games This Season

Stands will be handing out $5 beer at next seasons Blue Jays games.
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You Can Finally Get Cheap $5 Beers And Other Snacks At Blue Jays Games This Season

It's always fun to cheer on our local sports teams, especially the Blue Jays. While a majority of us love just cheering on our favourite team, that's not always the full baseball experience. Let's face it, in order to get that full baseball experience you like to add some beer and stadium food to the night. As the Blue Jays season is getting well underway the Rogers Centre will have a new promotion where you can get beer for only $5.  

That's right, this baseball season you will be able to enjoy cheap beer the entire game. While prices did vary depending on the beer, last season the average tall can beer could cost you around $12. With this new price decrease, you will be able to afford double the beer for the same price. 

These $5 beers will be available in the 12-ounce size, yet it is still not known what type or variety of beer will be available for this price. Regardless, the Blue Jays informed City News that they want their fans to get as much value as they can out of their experience. 

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It gets even better though. Not only will the Blue Jays be offering $5 beer, but they will also have an entire stand on each floor where you can get multiple items for only $5. This will include a variety of foods that you can munch on during the game. 

The Blue Jays will also be offering loonie hot dog nights throughout the entire season. For six sperate games, the Blue Jays will be offering the traditional baseball food, a hotdog, for only one dollar. The first loonie hotdog night happened on April 2 and will continue throughout the season. 

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So as you continue to enjoy the Toronto Blue Jays season, you can also look forward to cheap food and beer that will get you through that extra long inning.  

Source: City News

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