You Can Fly A Plane Without A Pilot’s License For $150 In Ontario

You're in command.
You Can Fly A Plane Without A Pilot’s License For $150 In Ontario

Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to pilot a plane? In Ontario, you can experience the thrill of flying through the skies without needing to obtain a pilot's license!

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The SOSA Gliding Club is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization that is dedicated to "the art, science and practice of soaring, to the sport's highest standards." Soaring is an activity that is carried out inside aircrafts called gliders, which are similar to planes but have no engines.

Instead, gliders kept in-flight by the lifting power of the air, and their aerodynamic design makes it easy for them to maneuver through the skies as they are towed. The SOSA Gliding Club owns a fleet of single-seat and two-seat gliders, as well as its own airport with three grass runways, two hangars, a workshop, a clubhouse, and a campground. It is located in the town of Rockton, ON, which is just a short drive from Cambridge.

Different gliders are used for different purposes. There are specific gliders for basic training, as well as for advanced aerobatics. Those interested in flying for the first time would use the former type and be accompanied by a certified instructor who will sit behind you as a guide. The best part? You'll have full control over the glider during your flight!

A weekday introductory flight is only $150, which covers 30 minutes of air time and instruction. Weekend flights include the same, but go for $190.

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