We all know how expensive flying across Canada can be. At times, it can be even more expensive than flying to another continent – which is the sad current state of domestic air travel in Canada.

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But if you ever wanted to see the other side of Canada or maybe visit your friends and family who live on the West Coast, now is the time to go because flights to Vancouver from Toronto are seriously cheap right now. 

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And if you want to fly from Vancouver to Toronto and experience the East Coast of Canada, now's your chance as well, because flights deals are also currently a steal. 

WestJet is currently offering 20 percent off all Econo base fares for all flights. 20 percent off may not sound like a lot, but it makes a huge difference! To find this deal, you can search up flights from Toronto to Vancouver or vice versa, and the calendar on the WestJet page will show the cheapest dates to fly. 

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The cheapest times to fly are in November and December, with some cheap fares in October as well. With this WestJet promo, flights are currently as low as $370, depending on which dates you choose. 

Here's how to get in on this deal: visit the WestJet promo page here and then the coupon code should be applied automatically. Then search up flights to Vancouver from Toronto using the calendar to find the cheapest dates. After you choose your flight time and date, the 20 percent discount should be applied. 

Happy flying!