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You Can Fly To Greece From Toronto For $826 Round Trip

Party with the Greeks.
You Can Fly To Greece From Toronto For $826 Round Trip

Greece is one of those otherworldly places that everybody needs to visit at least once, whether you're an avid traveller or just an occassional vacationer. The best time to see the mythical land is right now, with upcoming flight deals making the trip exceptionally affordable.

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For just $826, you can fly round trip from Toronto to Athens this fall, from Oct 1 to 7. The 7-day trip would entail a 7-hour outbound flight to Amsterdam where a 4-hour layover will be spent, and a second 3.5-hour leg from Amsterdam to Athens.

Prices may vary depending on how you choose to book. The easiest way is to call Jet Airways directly as shown above; however, additional fees may be charged for the phone service. 

In this day and age, Greek cities straddle the line between ancient and contemporary, making it a remarkable storybook destination with all the comforts of modern living. Athens in particular is known for its famous monuments, museums and landmarks, from the legendary Acropolis to the Temple of Poseidon. Aside from city touring, travellers will also enjoy a plethora of beautiful nature destinations, including the National Garden of Athens and the beaches near Marathon.

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