One of the most popular destinations in the world to travel to is the romantic city of Paris. Its cobblestone streets, intricate architecture and whimsical culture contribute to an alluring atmosphere that simply cannot be found anywhere else. 

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Canadians wishing to fly to Paris at this time of year will be faced with very costly ticket prices that can be as high as $1,200. However, with some early planning and patience, a trip to Paris can be both achievable affordable.

TAP Portugal airlines is offering round-trip tickets to Paris from Toronto for only $490 in January 2018. The deal is valid for multiple date combinations, including one-week or two-week vacations. Below is an example of the former option:

There is one catch to this deal, however - layovers in Lisbon, Portugal are included for both outbound and return flights. The layover for the outbound flight is only an hour long, but the one for the return flight is a day long and will require an overnight stay. This may interest those who have never been to Lisbon, as it would give them a full day to explore the city. Consider it a mini vacation within a vacation!

Book your tickets now with TAP Portugal through Google Flights.