So far this year tons of Asian cafes have started popping up all over the city that are offering amazing things from Japanese soufflé pancakes to ice cream cones topped with Oiri balls to bottled bubble tea! 

All of these new cafes have something unique and special that they bring to the city and Toronto's newest one is no exception. Luscious Desserts is a Chinese dessert shop that's serving up some delicious Asian treats! 

But desserts aren't the only crazy thing they've got on their menu. One of the most popular items is their Ferris Wheel with a sampler of all their amazing fried snacks! 

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Luscious Desserts is located at 493 Dundas St W in Toronto's Chinatown area. When you order one of their Ferris Wheel samplers you'll get to try their fried snacks like onion rings, sweet potato fries, spring rolls, coconut shrimps, and lobster balls! 

You'll also get a selection of sauces to try with all of their delicious snacks! But you can also try some of their amazing desserts like their Grass Jelly, Treasure Toast, Crepe Cakes, and more!

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Check out their website for more information.