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You Can Get Edible Cookie Dough Pops At This Toronto Shop

Dough my god these look delicious!

Remember when we were little and we'd make chocolate chip cookies with our parents and we couldn't help but sneak a few pieces of cookie dough before we popped them in the oven? I for one never grew out of this phase of my life because cookie dough is so delicious and as much as they warn us not to eat raw cookie dough, we just can't help it. 

But finally, we've come up with a solution to this problem. Edible cookie dough that's actually safe to eat has become huge as a delicious dessert option and this Toronto spot does it better than anyone else! 

Dough TO is Toronto pop up shop that specializes in all things cookie dough. They usually sell their amazing edible cookie dough treats in cups but they recently made a new creation that's so much better: cookie dough pops! 

@dough.toembedded via  

@dough.toembedded via  

Dough TO recently had a popup this past weekend at Yorkdale Mall and it was obviously a huge success featuring their amazing new cookie dough pops. They haven't revealed their next popup shop location but we're sure they have it in the works and will be revealing it via their Instagram account very soon. 

For now, you can keep an eye on their website to order some more of their amazing cookie dough pops! They also offer catering services for events and have vegan options! 

@dough.toembedded via  

@dough.toembedded via  

What are some of the amazing cookie dough flavours they have, you ask? They serve chocolate chip, birthday party, S'mores, vegan charcoal, vegan Oreo, vegan snickerdoodle and vegan plain! 

Check out their website for more information.