You Can Get Mini Egg Lattes At This Bakery Just Outside Of Toronto

You need this in your life!
You Can Get Mini Egg Lattes At This Bakery Just Outside Of Toronto

Easter is fast approaching and with it brings all of the best holiday desserts of the entire year. Mini eggs are a staple during the Easter holidays, and all kinds of chocolate really, making it most people's favourite time of the year even if they don't celebrate Easter themselves. 

But this bakery in Hamilton is doing something seriously great for Easter, they've got a massive menu specifically for this wonderful holiday including both desserts and drinks! 

The best thing on their menu though, their mini egg lattes! Add a little bit of sweetness to your jolt of caffeine in the morning with festive mini eggs. 

Cake and Loaf Bakery is located at 321 Dundurn St S in Hamilton and it's totally worth the trip out to try these sweet drinks! This bakery is making all of our Easter dreams come true and not just with their delicious mini egg lattes. 

Their other holiday drink is a latte or hot chocolate made with their homemade cream eggs! You pop the cream egg in your drink and stir around to make a creamy, delicious treat. 

But these aren't the other mini egg desserts they're serving for Easter. Their holiday menu also includes homemade cream eggs, mini egg chocolate bark, mini egg chocolate cookies, mini egg eclairs, giant mini egg cinnamon buns, decorated sugar cookies and soooo much more! 

You can order them in advance or go in and pick up a single dessert to indulge in yourself! This spot has seriously got you covered this Easter season. 

Check out their website for more information.