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You Can Get Mochi Pancakes At This Japanese Brunch Spot In Toronto

You'll love these so mochi!
You Can Get Mochi Pancakes At This Japanese Brunch Spot In Toronto

If you're a lover of all things Japanese you already know that there's no shortage of cafes, brunch spots, snack bars and dessert shops that make ridiculously delicious Japanese foods. You can find everything from ice cream to matcha cake to sake bars and everything in between! 

But if you're looking for a brunch spot that serves insanely delicious Japanese breakfast foods, look no further than Isabella's Boutique Restaurant. Their specialty is Mochi Pancakes and they will quite literally, blow your mind! 

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Isabella's Boutique Restaurant is located at 2328 Queen St E in The Beaches. They make some amazing Japanese breakfast foods like their stuffed omelettes, fluffy cotton cakes, Japanese style breakfasts and more! 

The show stopper at this restaurant though is definitely their Mochi Pancakes. They add Mochi into the pancake mix to make a chewy pancakes that's fluffy and delicious! Some of the insanely delicious flavours they have are matcha, mixed berry, Nutella and banana, Japanese fried chicken, and bacon & egg! 

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This cute spot is family run and is always working to make their customers feel welcome and at home in their shop! They also have a full dinner menu if you want to come back again in the evenings full of amazing Japanese dishes that you'll just love. 

Check out their website for more information.  

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