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You Can Get Sprinkle Stuffed Cakes And Cookies At This Toronto Bakeshop

Now that spring has finally sprung in the city, you may be hearing a lot of people talking about hitting the gym to get their 'bikini body' ready for summer. While working hard at the gym and eating healthy is great, I'm about to tell you something that's going make you ditch those gym plans this week. 

Every once in a while, treating yourself is a necessity and this bakeshop has got you covered. Short & Sweet Bakeshop located at 1945 Avenue Rd says they've been ruining diets since 2009 and we want them to ruin yours too! 

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All of their desserts are insanely delicious but their specialty is all things sprinkles!! They make buttercream cakes stuffed to the brim with sprinkles as well as a unique cookie creation where they seal two cookies together with icing and stuff the middle with sprinkles too! 

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What are some of their other sprinkle-central creations you ask? Well, they also make sprinkle topped milkshakes, cupcakes and birthday bars! 

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This amazing bakery doesn't just make sprinkle desserts though, they also have tons of other sugary treats that don't include sprinkles as well like their S'mores cookie sandwiches, monster bars, sugary donuts and more!

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Check out their website for more information. 

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