Sushi hybrids: WHEN WILL THEY END?! Sushi burrito, Sushi cones, sushi donut, sushi taco  and now SUSHI BURGER!

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SU&BU , known mostly for their sushi burrito, has now extended their sushi-related menu to yup, sushi burgers. Located at 106 John St, this the first place that sells this sushi creation in Toronto! So what is a sushi burger? Essentially, it's a variety of raw fish, veggies and sauces squished between two crunchy rice patties.

If sushi burger isn't really for you, SU&BU also has a really fun play on 'fish& chips', consisting of crispy, nacho-like chips topped with raw fish; I would say it's definitely closer to poke:

If you're still not convinced you should visit this sushi-inspired joint, at least come to take an