You Can Go Camping At This Secret Ontario Island This Summer

A quiet getaway from urban life.
You Can Go Camping At This Secret Ontario Island This Summer

Thinking of going camping this summer? Make sure to put Flowerpot Island on your list!

It is one of the province’s most surreal places, with its crystal clear waters and iconic limestone pillars. Located 6.5 km off the coast of Tobermory, the island is a little pocket of paradise that can only be accessed by taking a boat across Lake Huron.

Most people only take a day trip to Flowerpot Island, but those seeking a more exciting experience could also choose to camp on site. The island has six tenting sites, each with a wooden tent platform. They are only short walk from Beachy Cove, the island’s main dock.

You’ll have the beach, forest trails and kayaking routes all to yourself for a quiet getaway. Just make sure to bring all of your necessities with you — camping gear, outdoor equipment, health kits, lots of food, water, and booze too. The island is very much isolated, so you need to be prepared before heading out.

Interested parties can obtain a camping permit from the Park Visitor Centre in Tobermory. There, you can hop on a private tour boat that will take you to Flowerpot Island.

There are just a few rules you have to follow in order to camp on the island:

  • No excessive noise — the island is intended to be a quiet destination away from home
  • Respect the environment — do not damage the site’s geological features
  • No campfires or fireworks for safety reasons
  • Pets should be kept on leashes at all times and be scooped after
  • Liquor can only be consumed at the campsite
  • Campsite check out time is at 11 am

Happy camping!