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You Can Go Hang Gliding Over Ontario This Summer For An Epic Adventure

From a young age we all had a fascination with flying. We'd look up at the birds soaring through the air and wonder why we couldn't do the same. We all knew the views from above would be so much better than the views way down on the ground where we were stuck. 

Growing up that fascination definitely didn't go away and while some of us grew a fear of heights that keep our feet firmly planted on the ground others are thrill seekers that are brave enough to fly! 

If you're one of those brave thrill seekers you're definitely going to want to try this hang gliding adventure that lets you hang glide over Ontario this summer!

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High Perspective Inc. offers an epic hang gliding adventure located at 1150 ON-7 in Locust Hill, Ontario. High Perspectives Inc. is only a short 45 minute drive from Toronto, less than 4 hours from Ottawa, about 2 hours from Kingston and about 2 hours from London. 

The glider is launched from a flat field on wheels which means you won't have to run to launch yourself into the air! You'll be flying with a pilot who will help launch the glider 1,300 feet into the sky. The instructor will also help land the glider smoothly at the end of the ride. 

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Their Tandem Beginner Course costs $150 and includes help into the harness, a briefing of how the ride will go, and a super fun adventure in the air! The entire flight will take about 15-30 minutes where you'll get to fly way up in the sky! 

If you would like to learn more about hang gliding and even become an instructor some day they have more extensive courses you can take as well. They offer a beginner training course for $1095 which includes registration, lectures and all lessons. Then you can move onto more advanced courses from there. 

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Check out their website for more information. 

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