This summer, experience the wonder of the Ausable Chasm, one of North America's oldest natural attractions.

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It's a 150-foot-tall gorge in upstate New York that's been called the "The Grand Canyon of the Adirondacks" for its resemblance to the iconic landscape. Open since 1870, the Ausable Chasm has dazzled the public with its towering cliffs, surging rivers and unique rock formations. 

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From the Thousand Islands border near Kingston, Ont., the Ausable Chasm is just a three and a half hour drive way, making it perfect for a summer road trip.

There are several attractions on site to try out, including a Classic Tour of the chasm that takes visitors to winding trails, waterfalls, old forests and suspension bridges, and a Rock & River Adventure that lets visitors climb, rappel, and cable traverse on the ancient rocks.

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But perhaps the coolest activity offered at the chasm is the river tubing experience, which allows visitors to float through the rivers that cut through the canyons. Tubes, rafts and life jackets are provided and most areas of the river are slow enough that you can control the pace at which you float down.

Staff at the Ausable Chasm warn that tubers will get wet during tubing, so appropriate clothing and footwear is required (no flip flops are allowed). Tubers portage around a small section of the rapids midway through the float for safety purposes.

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River tubing will be start on July 1 and will continue to operate through Labour Day weekend. It's a very popular attraction in the summer, so visitors are highly advised to arrive as early as possible for float tours. It's $10 a person for a single ride, and $5 for each additional ride. 

If you are visiting, make sure to check out the Ausable Chasm's campground instead of booking a hotel! It has many great features, including swimming, playgrounds, hiking trails, beach volleyball courts, mountain biking paths and more.

Visit the official Ausable Chasm website here