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You Can Go On An Incredible Hang Gliding Adventure In Ontario For $160

There's no sensation more freeing than soaring through the open skies. In Ontario, there's a place where your dreams of flying are both attainable and affordable.

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Instinct Windsports is a hang gliding company that operates in the open fields of the town of St. Jacobs. Owners Mark Dowsett, Ryan Wood and Nick Jones are all certified flyers and instructors who have shared the passion of hang gliding for several years. Together, they offer tandem flights to the public, as well as educational courses for those who would like to eventually glide on their own.

Tandem flights are conducted with a certified tandem pilot for approximately 10 to 15 minutes per ride. The flight involves being towed 1,500 feet or more above the ground with a high-power winch. Once the hang glider is released from the tow, the instructor allows you to pilot the glider for a while, and then he takes over again to maneuver the landing. Tandem flights are relatively affordable - they only cost $160 per flight.

Those who would like to learn the art of hang gliding could participate in a three-step training course that leads to full certification. The first step is a Discovery Course ($120) that spends a full day educating students on the current state  of the hang gliding industry. The next step is a Beginner Course ($495) that spends a week or two on theoretical training, and concludes with a solo test flight. The last step is a Full Certification Course ($1,595) that tests students for one final time before they can become full-fledged gliders.

For more information, visit the Instinct Windsports website.

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